With sparks and fountains of fire

Alice Cooper & Co. show us why they are rock legends in Dresden’s exhibition hall. The secret victor at “Rock meets Classic ” is Kim Wilde.

The recipe is simple and tested several times : take wellknown rock songs and combine them with classical music. Coming Out evenings where even people with other musical tastes can have lots of fun.

Matthias Lasch, hardcore heavy metal heads better known as Mat Sinner, has established the concept. Since 2010 he is touring with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra and various bands around the country. This year he united six music dinosaurs that bring together some 350 years on the stage: shock rocker Alice Cooper, Bernie Shaw & Mick Bock of Uriah Heep, the Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, the smart Midge Ure of Ultravox and Kim Wilde. Although the dethroned pop princess was slightly out of place in the concept of “Rock meets Classic”. Nevertheless, she showed the rock grandpas how to get the not quite sold-out exhibition hall in Dresden moving. But first things first .

After the chorus of Mat Sinners band had opened the final concert of the tour with a pompous version of Queen’s “The show must go on”, Midge Ure took the stage and made it clear immediately why the show must go on. The singing of the stylish dressed gentleman is simply a delight. Goosebumps covered the body as he belted out “Hymn” to the audience. The hairs remained up at ” Breathe” , “Vienna” and “Dancing with tears in my eyes”. The man knows his voice and how to treat the microphone.

That was certainly true on the shrill Joe Lynn Turner. Why but no one has told him that old men wearing sunglasses and fingerless leather gloves look a bit embarrassing, remains unclear. But anyway, it managed the old Poser to bring the men libido boil , as he proved a sexy bestrapsten flute player from the orchestra, the honor, standing upright a solo to play. He also tore the audience out of their chairs for the first time with “Since you’ve been gone” . However, this required his prompt.

Without snake and without the guillotine

Kim Wilde didn’t need any announcement. She spun around on the stage and had a lot fun. In “Cambodia” and ” Kids in America “, the audience couldn’t sit still anymore. Even the stoutest leather vests carrier couldn’t resist shaking his limbs.

Mick Box & Bernie Shaw concluded after a brief pause to seamlessly . The two Uriah Heep-musicians turned on a little more. The spectators flocked from the rear seat rows forward and proved in the chorus of “Lady in Black” text security. No wonder , because the “Aaaahhaahhhaahhhaaa” everyone knows. Finally came shock rocker Alice Cooper on stage – only without the guillotine and without snake. For striped with red-black men and phallic rock belt buckle, with sparks and fountains of fire. Make-up and a little blood there was , of course. Although such kitsch makes nowadays no longer for cardiac arrhythmias, enthusiasm , however, always , even if only “house of fire” and the legendary song “Poison” went off properly. There were with “School’s out” an addition, which duly rounded off the evening. All artists, even a little boy stood with real or inflatable guitars on stage and celebrated the completion of a tour, which proved once again that rock and classical music are not mutually exclusive genres.