Awkward moment Kim Wilde reveals Michael Jackson ‘preferred hanging out with kids’ on tour

The eighties singer said she didn’t get to hang out with the King of Pop despite going on tour together

Eighties pop star Kim Wilde has revealed that despite touring alongside Michael Jackson on his Bad World Tour she never got to meet him. Speaking about her musical past on Loose Women , Kim shared that although they had photo opportunities together there was no hanging out with the King of Pop. In the awkward moment the Kids of America hitmaker said: “It was amazing, I was with him for 33 shows. He was a very private man as you might imagine. I got to meet him once for a publicity photograph. I do remember once he asked if all the children on the tour would like to go on stage with him and my little sister Roxanne went on stage and my brother too. They got to meet him and hang out with him, but I didn’t. He just preferred hanging out with erm… younger people.”

The singer had been on the panel to celebrate her new Christmas album, when she made the comments that were quickly brushed over by the Loose Women .

A couple of viewers pointed out how awkward Kim’s comments were with one saying: “How awkward @kimwilde saying Michael Jackson preferred hanging out with younger people?” While another adding: “Kim Wilde talking about how she didn’t get to hang out with Michael Jackson when she was on tour with him, but all the kids on tour did.” Kim said as well as touring with the pop legend, she used to hang out with Mick Jagger and David Bowie as well as date another eighties star, Adam Ant.

The Loose Women – including Jane Moore, Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Gloria Hunniford – were all glammed up in their eighties gear in support of Kim’s illustrious career. MirrorTV contacted reps for Kim Wilde who did not wish to comment.