Kim happy to see kids in music business

Entertainment clearly runs in the veins for pop pin-up Kim Wilde, whose 15-year-old daughter Rose and son Harry, 17, are apparently following in her footsteps.

Despite her tender years Rose is already a solo singer/songwriter who is juggling her schoolwork with playing gigs in pubs and arts venues near the family home in Hertfordshire while Harry performs in a band.

Says Kim, 55 ( whose father is 50s pop star Marty Wilde, 76): “There’s no getting away from music – my house is full of all kinds of different music – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Kim also started young: she was a backing singer at 15 for her father until she found fame as a solo artist in 1981 with the hit song Kids In America. It was written by her father and younger brother 54, a former 1970s teen solo singer himself who is incidentally still her musical producer and collaborator.