Kim Wilde looking forward to Eindhoven: ‘All of the Dutch people are warmer!’

EINDHOVEN – KIm Wilde will be performing live at the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven on Thursday next week. The British singer, who had many world hits during the Eighties, is in the Netherlands starting on Sunday for six concerts. Presenter Martin Volder spoke to Kim Wilde on Thursday.

She’s looking forward to coming to the Netherlands. “I leave on Friday, going to Germany and then I’m gonna take a bus from Germany to Holland. The people in the Netherlands have a special corner in my heart. I’ve spent a lot of time there working and not working. My best friend lives in Linschoten and I’ve got great memories of working with Anton Corbijn.”

Nieuw album in 2017

Kim Wilde is working on a new album for a year already. “We’re looking to sort out the release for that. Probably in the second half of next year. During the next few concerts we have a few nice surprises and lots of hits from the past.”

During the last few years Kim Wilde is also active as a radio DJ. The can be heard in ten countries with The Kim Wilde 80s Show. In England she still presents a programme on Magic Radio. “I know a lot about music from the Eighties and I’m very passionate about music from that decade. The show is sheer joy for me. It all about the music and that’s the most important thing.”

Passion for gardening

A lot of people don’t know that she’s also got a passion for gardening. “I have presented TV programmes and run a local project. It’s still a big part of my life.”