Articles 2018

31 December 2018 Sound judgement Bristol Post; Leicester Mercury (UK)
13 December 2018 The day Kim Wilde came to Lelystad and nobody believed it Volkskrant (Netherlands)
23 November 2018 Singing along with Kim Wilde Leidsch Dagblad (Netherlands)
17 November 2018 Kim Wilde in Utrecht; dancing to ‘Kids In America’ again like in the old days Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands)
16 November 2018 Kim Wilde controls the room Apeldoorn Direct website (Netherlands)
8 November 2018 Over £31k donated to children’s charity after Nik Kershaw concert Cambridge Network website (UK)
28 October 2018 “Family Business” – Kim Wilde with “Aliens” tour in the Ottakringer Brewery! Mein Bezirk website (Austria)
23 October 2018 Kim Wilde’s ‘Catch as Catch Can’ Turns 35 | An Anniversary Retrospective Albumism (UK)
22 October 2018 Kim Wilde brought a wild alien party to Bratislava Musicserver website (Czech Republic)
22 October 2018 Kim Wilde in Bratislava: a nostalgic evening that will not be long remembered Hudba website (Slovakia)
18 October 2018 With a cold and two drummers: The 57-year-old Kim Wilde performs warmly in front of an aged audience in the Theaterhaus Schwäbisches Tagblatt (Germany)
17 October 2018 Plump show with Kim Wilde in the Capitol Neue Presse (Germany)
17 October 2018 Kim Wilde is the hard rock lady in Frankfurt Frankfurter Neue Presse (Germany)
14 October 2018 Pop icon Kim Wilde rocks the Columbiahalle Berliner Morgenpost (Germany)
13 October 2018 Kim Wilde: At home, my dog barks me out of the house in the morning Berliner Zeitung (Germany)
11 October 2018 Inspiring visit of an alien Hamburger Morgenpost (Germany)
11 October 2018 Even the aliens are rocking Lübecker Nachrichten (Germany)
7 October 2018 Kim Wilde, 57, pays homage to her 80s heyday in flamboyant tasselled jacket as she performs in Germany Daily Mail website (UK)
4 October 2018 Kim Wilde makes you happy Negativewhite website (Switzerland)
1 October 2018 5 questions for Kim Wilde Mannschaft (Germany)
25 September 2018 People in the news Morgunblaðið (Iceland)
22 September 2018 An event full of emotions Das Neue (Germany)
16 September 2018 “Starnacht, cool as always” Kurier (Austria)
15 September 2018 When stars become fans Kronen Zeitung (Austria)
10 September 2018 Donnerwetter: Pop icon Kim Wilde in Jever Nordwest Zeitung (Germany)
25 August 2018 Day & Night Daily Express (UK)
24 August 2018 Kim Wilde Interview Penny Black Music website (UK)
21 August 2018 Kim is still a Wilde one Bild (Germany)
21 July 2018 Celebrity traveller: Kim Wilde Daily Express (UK)
9 June 2018 “It’s rock ‘n roll” Schwälmer Allgemeine (Germany)
1 June 2018 Pop icon Kim Wilde at the Rheinland-Pfalz Day on the SWR stage Wormser Zeitung (Germany)
30 May 2018 Kim Wilde: “Do not be afraid of getting older” Bild der Frau (Germany)
29 May 2018 ‘Michael Jackson was very gentle and sweet’ Closer (UK)
23 May 2018 Interview: Pop star Kim Wilde talks about out-of-this-world new album ‘Here Come the Aliens’ AXS (UK)
21 May 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Out in Perth website (Australia)
15 May 2018 “It’s fun to be Kim Wilde” Norra Skåne (Sweden)
8 May 2018 Kim Wilde Q&A: “If I’d never been outside, I’d never have seen the UFOs” New Statesman (UK)
1 May 2018 “I was there in the Eighties, but I still remember” Galore (Germany)
1 May 2018 Kimcredible! Queen of Pop saves the best for last… Jewish Telegraph (UK)
1 May 2018 Kim Wilde: Here Come The Aliens – The Lowry, Salford The Reviews Hub website (UK)
1 May 2018 Review – Here Come The Aliens Hi-Fi News (UK)
1 May 2018 Review – Kandy Krush Classic Pop (UK)
30 April 2018 Pop review: Kim Wilde at Koko, NW1 The Times (UK)
29 April 2018 Kim Wilde: ‘I have seen aliens’ Schweizer Illustrierte (Switzerland)
28 April 2018 Review: Kim Wilde at Koko Monstagigz (UK)
19 April 2018 Review: Kim Wilde, Gateshead Sage The Northern Echo (UK)
18 April 2018 Kim’s still out of this world The Chronicle (UK)
16 April 2018 Even ET would have been dancing as icon Kim showed she still rocks Lancashire Evening Post (UK)
16 April 2018 Review: Kim Wilde, Here Come The Aliens Tour, York Barbican, April 15 York Press (UK)
13 April 2018 My greatest success is that I’ve managed to keep a sense of humour The Chronicle (UK)
7 April 2018 INTERVIEW: Kim Wilde’s Enthralling & Enduring Brand of Pop Don’t Stop Albumism website (USA)
7 April 2018 Kim still keeps us Hanging On Scottish Daily Mail (UK)
6 April 2018 UFO allowed Kim to make comeback Klick! (Sweden)
5 April 2018 ‘Maybe aliens are using me to put out a record’ The Guardian (UK)
5 April 2018 Kim Wilde loves dogs above all else Kleine Zeitung (Austria)
5 April 2018 Pop princess Kim Wilde Rontaler (Switzerland)
3 April 2018 Kim Wilde kicks off her UK tour in head-to-toe leather in Glasgow… after dedicating her first all-new album in 23 years to ALIENS Daily Mail (UK)
1 April 2018 Kim Wilde sees them fly Winq (Netherlands)
1 April 2018 Born to be Wilde Let's Talk! (UK)
1 April 2018 Born to be Wilde The Resident (UK)
1 April 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Kurier (Austria)
1 April 2018 Kim back? Well, stranger things have happened… Sunday Post Newcastle (UK)
1 April 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Record Collector (UK)
1 April 2018 10 questions to… Kim Wilde Soundz (Netherlands)
31 March 2018 Review: Kim Wilde at Ipswich Regent Ipswich Star (UK)
31 March 2018 Flashback: Kim Wilde recalls being star-struck at the BPI Awards in 1983 The Telegraph Magazine (UK)
30 March 2018 Kim Wilde: My career isn’t as big as Madonna’s or Michael Jackson’s but I love it Irish News (Ireland)
29 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Herald Standard (USA)
27 March 2018 Familiar pop, alien beings Various local newspapers (Germany)
25 March 2018 24 hours with… Kim Wilde chats yoga and balancing life as a housewife and a musician The Sun (UK)
24 March 2018 Pop as it should be Schwaebische Zeitung (Germany)
24 March 2018 Marion blogs: “Kim Wilde is crazy about our Keukenhof!” Nouveau (Netherlands)
23 March 2018 Out of this world Yorkshire Post (UK)
22 March 2018 Kim Wilde says aliens inspired her pop comeback BBC News website (UK)
22 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens The Northern Star (Australia)
22 March 2018 Please fill in Grazia (Germany)
21 March 2018 The kids go Wilde for Kim again Daily Gazette (UK)
21 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Hayes & Harlington Gazette (UK)
21 March 2018 “I have seen a UFO in my garden” Das Neue Blatt (Germany)
20 March 2018 Wilde life revival The West Australian (Australia)
19 March 2018 The big comeback of Kim Wilde De Telegraaf (Netherlands)
18 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Event (UK)
18 March 2018 Kim Wilde back in the ring Berliner Morgenpost (Germany)
17 March 2018 Kim Wilde on aliens and her unlikely pop comeback before Sussex show The Argus (UK)
17 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands)
17 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Nürnburger Zeitung (Germany)
17 March 2018 Between the patch at the stage Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
17 March 2018 From the forest into space Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)
2011-03-21 20-03-2011 Kim Wilde website (Netherlands)
16 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens The Times (UK)
16 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens MusicOMH (UK)
16 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Buch und Ton (Germany)
15 March 2018 Kim Wilde: I love my pocket-sized career Belfast Telegraph (UK)
15 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Express and Star (UK)
15 March 2018 Brief encounter in Boots left me Wilde about Kim Jewish Telegraph (UK)
15 March 2018 Quite the old one Westfalenpost; WAZ; Westfälische Nachrichten (Germany)
14 March 2018 The wild times are not over yet Kleine Zeitung (Austria)
14 March 2018 ‘Do I really want to do this to myself again?’ Brigitte (Germany)
11 March 2018 My hols: Kim Wilde The Times (UK)
9 March 2018 UFO keep me hangin’ on Daily Record (UK)
7 March 2018 Finally I have time for myself Meins (Germany)
2000-05-03 Classic Bank Holiday fun Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
2 March 2018 I was in the garden and I saw these lights and I felt absolutely they were not of this world The Chronicle (UK)
1 March 2018 Close encounters of the Wilde kind Classic Pop (UK)
1 March 2018 Famous Abba Fans Talk: Kim WIlde Abba Fan Club Magazine (Netherlands)
1 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Lust for life (Netherlands)
1 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Classic Pop (UK)
1 March 2018 Kim Wilde: back to the future Burger King Magazin (Germany)
1 March 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Gaesteliste website (Germany)
1 March 2018 My song: Kim Wilde, ‘Kids in America’ Intro (Germany)
1 March 2018 Kim Wilde: the happiest housewife in Hertfordshire Piranha (Germany)
25 February 2018 Aliens’ energy boost for Kim Daily Star (UK)
25 February 2018 Kim Wilde denies she’d drunk ‘too much wine’ and insists UFO visit was real The Sun (UK)
21 February 2018 Review – Here come the aliens Meins (Germany)
20 February 2018 The story behind the song: Kids In America by Kim Wilde Team Rock website (UK)
9 February 2018 Kim Wilde on new album Here Come the Aliens and UK tour calling at Preston Guild Hall and the Lowry, Salford Quays Lancashire Telegraph (UK)
7 February 2018 ‘Aliens will obduct me’ 24 Sata (Croatia)
6 February 2018 Kim Wilde: I saw UFO & now fear aliens will abduct me Daily Mirror (UK)
1 February 2018 ‘Two million watched me drunk singing’ Daily Telegraph (UK)
1 February 2018 An interview with Kim Wilde Wirral Magazine (UK)
1 February 2018 Letter to my younger self Ireland's Big Issue (Ireland)
24 January 2018 “A little obsessed with this topic” Weser Report (Germany)
6 January 2018 Why popstar Kim just can’t get enough of the Lakes News & Star (UK)
2 January 2018 Live Review: The Wilde Wild Xmas Show- Ritz, Manchester, UK, 22nd December, 2017 (UK)