24 hours with… Kim Wilde chats yoga and balancing life as a housewife and a musician

Kim shares how she struggled with low self-esteem and how it took her years to value her voice throughout her roller coaster career.

I’m much healthier since I hit my 50s.

I’m never happier than when I’m snuggled in bed with my terrier Beau, but lately I’ve been trying to get fit, so I start the day at 8am with my personal trainer.

We’ll do a circuit, which includes a bit of cardio with abdominal and arms work, as well as a lot of stretching. Afterwards I’ll tuck into porridge with berries, yoghurt, honey and prunes, and an instant coffee.

Juggling being a housewife and a musician keeps me busy.

I have a new manager and a new album out, so it feels like a fresh adventure. In the mornings I’ll sling some washing in the machine or put on a stew, as my two children Harry, 20, and Rose, 18, are often at home. Then I’ll rush off to record my Magic Radio show.

I love singing, but I’ve struggled with low self-esteem.

I’ll spend most of my afternoons in the recording studio working on my music, which is great fun. I prefer being in front of a live crowd, even though I know my voice isn’t brilliant like Aretha Franklin’s or Barbra Streisand’s.

However, I now appreciate what I have and it took me years to value it. If I could have a few more hits, it would be so cool.

My career has been a roller coaster.

I’ve had lots of success, especially being on the Michael Jackson tour in the ‘80s, as well as down moments.

Then I retired in the ‘90s and got into gardening, which brought so much inspiration into my life. Now it’s quite daunting throwing my pop-music hat in alongside the likes of Paloma Faith, Rita Ora and will.i.am, but I’m excited to see what happens!

I’ve hired a stylist for the first time.

I’ve never been big on costume changes while touring in the past, but now I’m working with Christopher Wilmer – who works in the wardrobe departments in London’s West End – and I’m loving it.

He’s amazing, and seeing his drawings and ideas is like being a kid in a sweet shop – especially when he incorporates Swarovski crystals into my stage outfits. I’m a sucker for anything that sparkles.

Yoga is a great way to finish the day.

After dinner, my family will usually sit down to watch a movie. If there’s something good on then I’ll join them, but I enjoy sci-fi or a drama while they love horror.

I’m not really a TV person, so I prefer to head to the hot yoga studio near my home to de-stress.

I get to bed no later than 10pm.

But I spend at least an hour going through the day in my head – it’s like emotional spring-cleaning. I like to let the events of the past 24 hours settle in and think about what could have gone better or what I was happy about.

It means I don’t have too many worries to sleep on – hopefully!

Kim’s album Here Come The Aliens is out now on Wildeflower Records. Her tour starts on Friday – for tickets visit Kimwilde.com.