‘Aliens will obduct me’

I’m convinced the captain of the spacecraft is my big fan and knows where I live. I’m afraid it will come back and obduct me, said singer Kim Wilde (57), who in the eighties celebrated the first single, “Kids in America”. Wilde discovered that she had a close encounter with the UFOs in her garden at Hertfordshire in 2009 and claims that the aliens will return to her and torture her. “There were a few enormous lights above the clouds and they moved back and forth in a remarkable way. Besides me, a lot of my fellow citizens saw it and it was in the local newspaper, “she said. She thinks the captain who runs the extraterrestrial ship is a great fan and has learned where she lives. She fears he will not “give up” her. “He will obduct me and I will have to spend the rest of her life singing ‘Kids in America’ – Wilde complained. 

She says that ever since he experienced this extraterrestrial experience, she changed and believed that the universes constantly visits Earth and observes the people. “I did not lose my mind, I just can not stop thinking about it,” the singer said. The aliens are also mentioned on the new album “Here Come The Aliens”. She plans to release it next month after a 22-year break and has 12 songs, including “Solstice” and “Cyber Nation War”.