An event full of emotions

Between love, happiness, success and farewell: The seventh “Star Night from the Wachau” was an event full of emotions. After the breast cancer shock last year, it was also a very special moment for Francine Jordi: “I celebrate my 20th anniversary on stage”, beamed the singer – healthy and energetic.

Place: Rossatzbach in Wachau, Austria
Party fact: Over 5500 Starnacht-fans followed the big song spectacle.
Party whispers: Youthfully sexy: whether Michelle’s boyfriend Karsten Walter (25) is behind her new look? In any event, he’s 21 years younger!

Two Powerwomen: “She’s so cool,” was popular pop singer Francine Jordi (41) about the reunion with the British pop icon Kim Wilde (57).

After 40 years in stage pension: Thomas Spitzer (65, l.) And Klaus Eberhartinger (68) of the “First General Uncertainty” go on farewell tour in 2019.

In the duet of Stefanie Hertel (39) and her Lanny Lanner (43) it crackled even after four years of marriage still tremendously.

Not only was her hair much shorter – singer Michelle (46) also saved on fabric.

Single with heartbreak: Helmut Lotti (48) sings on his new album “Soul Classics in Symphony” (from 28. 9. in the shops) almost only love songs.

Barbara Schöneberger (44) congratulated moderator colleague Alfons Haider (60) on his 20th star night.