Day & Night

She’s not mentioning names but 1980s pop star Kim Wilde has called on modern singers to lighten up a bit, insisting it really irks her that some are unable to laugh at themselves. Speaking to Day & Night, Kim, 57, left, who has sold more than 10 million albums and 20 million singles in a career spanning nearly four decades, took aim at some of her stoney-faced contemporaries, saying: β€œI never take myself too seriously. It would be terribly boring. Some artistes do and it’s like, β€˜Oh God, please! Can you just have some more fun? Please!’” And having performed at the 10th Rewind Festival, the singer went on to discuss just why her 2018 tour, which begins in Germany next month, will be worth seeing. She says: β€œI might not take myself too seriously but I take the music really seriously. The band are amazing and what we do musically is the most important thing.”