‘Do I really want to do this to myself again?’

In the Eighties Kim Wilde was one of the biggest popstars in the world. She only became happy afterwards.

It was this night, not so long ago, early February, when Kimberly Fowler lay in her Berlin hotel room. She had given the first interviews for her new album ‘Here come the aliens’, there was much demands for interviews with her. Her manager had told her that there were many pre-orders for her records, exceeding all expectations. She thought about the coming tour in the UK, 20 shows in 36 days. And the woman known by the world as Kim Wilde wondered: now, really? Do I really want this? After all the depressions, being cut off from my own self during those big days in the Eighties? ‘And then I closed my eyes, thought ‘yes’ loudly and slept’, says the 57 year old, who also explains that she would like to balance her “slightly overweight career”.

What she means: when she became a worldwide star with ‘Kids in America’ and ‘Cambodia’, she was 21. And only 30 when things didn’t go so smoothly anymore. The pop business made her emotionally deaf and unhappy. Swallowed her up in a wave, threw her upwards and then spit her out. She found herself at the end of this first part of her career and found a 500 year old barn in Hertfordshire, which she renovated and remodelled its garden. The garden healed her, became a destiny.

Not just in the weekends, no: Wilde studied horticulture, wrote successful books about it and presented several BBC-shows about planting and watering. If you have any questions about placing ordinary barberry: turn faithfully towards the woman who 37 years ago turned the music world upside down with a pout and a red leather miniskirt.

Kim Wilde is married since 22 years, with actor Hal Fowler. She has two children between puberty and adulthood and two Airedale Terriers; the Fowlers are engaged community members in Welwyn Garden City. Wilde has really found happiness, when nobody looked. That she searches publicity again (in October she will tour in Germany) is brave. It is the courage of a happy woman. A good breeding ground.