Inspiring visit of an alien

Going on such a big tour is a real hardcore experience for me. – Kim Wilde

No mercy. Kim Wilde (57) is on punctually at 8pm, Tuesday on the stage of the Grosse Freiheit, although outside waiting for a long line of people in front of the cash register on admission. “So many people here, that’s crazy,” the Briton is happy about those who have managed it.

She looks great in her futuristic, skin-tight full-body leather suit with the corsage over it. Underneath it should be pretty hot. But in front of her is a wind machine. Blowing her fair hair off makes you feel as if you’re watching a hair-metal band from the eighties making a music video.

Wilde is surrounded by musicians in leather jackets, including her brother Ricky Wilde, who wrote her hits like “View From A Bridge”, “Chequered Love”, “You Came” and “Kids In America”.

But these anthems will take a long time to come. The former pop-show-blonde with her two drummers much rather demonstrates that the musical core of the Wilde clan is in rock’n’roll – already her father Marty Wilde reached the charts at the end of the fifties. She shows off her good voice with the acoustic numbers “Four Letter Word” and “Hey Mr. Heartache” – and why her new album is called “Here Come The Aliens”, she explains with the pieces “Bladerunner”, “Cyber Nation War” and “1969”. For the latter song she tells about an inspiring alien visit in her garden. But even the most beautiful visit must someday go again. After two hours full of wild power, nothing remains to be desired.