Kim Wilde: At home, my dog barks me out of the house in the morning

Kim Wilde plays in the Columbiahalle on Saturday, but at home – and thus off the beaten track – her life is different.

Because Kim Wilde (57) is a big dog fan and misses her four-legged friend Beau when she’s on the road, B.Z. dog Mompa was allowed to join the interview. “My bitch Beau would be great with him,” she enthused. On Friday evening, Kim Wilde presents her new album “Here Come the Aliens” in the Columbiahalle.

How are you without Beau?
I miss her most when I’m on tour. Going out with her in the morning and walking across the fields (Kim Wilde lives in Hertfordshire, England). Because I’m the one who goes out with the dog. We have a large garden, but everyone is always busy with something. Sometimes you just forget that you go out with her when mom is not around. I can tell her face how happy she is when I get back.

Are you the early bird at home?
My husband gets up very early, but he is not the type to go for a walk. So I do it. Sometimes in the morning I want to cuddle or dawdle a bit, have a coffee and start the day comfortably, but most of the time Beau has a completely different plan, then she barks me out of the house. She really screams at me! And I say, do not yell at me! But of course we will go out together.

You are a real family business, your brother produces you and your niece made the cover to your new album – how did that happen?
She is a talented woman! Scarlet has also recorded a few songs and has been my background singer for over ten years. A few years ago, when we were on tour, she got bored and painted around, so nobody in the school had discovered the talent. But when we were on tour in Australia, she fell in love with Sydney and decided she was studying art there. When I asked her to do the cover, I did not know what a masterpiece I would get!

Her father is also a singer and produced her first hits with her brother Ricky. Did he first try to dissuade you from a career in the music business?
I really wanted to become a singer as a teenager. My father was not very enthusiastic. But then he took me on tour when I was 16 and I sang in the background. My parents encouraged me with the music, but of course I wanted to finish school. My dad tried to protect me as dads are like that. Today he sends me messages, wishes me luck for the tour.