Kim Wilde back in the ring

The lyrating synths in “Cambodia”, the staccato drums in “Kids in America”: The music of Kim Wilde has always been listened to. Also from their new album “Here Come The Aliens” (earmusic / noble) sound like the 1980s. But unlike in the past, it does not break free like that anymore.

One can only wish that the video for the new single “Pop Do not Stop” is ironic. Kim Wilde has thrown herself into a sparkling leather air, the instruments hang around the band’s shoulders for decorative purposes. The musicians bob up and down like cardboard figures. Permanent grin. It looks more like a Kim Wilde cover band.

“Pop Don’t Stop” is a pretty uninspired pop piece. Unfortunately this also applies to the remaining songs of “Here Come The Aliens”. Like many of her previous albums, it was produced by her brother Ricky Wilde. In terms of sound, “Here Come The Aliens” is similar to wild old songs: entertaining pop tunes with rock and synth influences. Love Songs (“Addicted To You”, “Yours Til The End”) alternate with apocalyptic visions of the future (“1969”, “Cyber.Nation. War”).

Unfortunately the catchy melodies are missing. Those for which the today 57-year-old has become known. The tunes of yesteryear have shaped the lives of so many people that you can forgive Wilde an album like this one.

This album is Wild’s first for seven years. It’s been even longer since the singer was on a big tour. Among other things, “Here Come The Aliens” brings her to Germany for twelve concerts (Saxony is closest to the concert in Berlin on October 13). Now that her children are at university, it was time to “step back into the ring,” she recently told the British newspaper Telegraph. And of course she will then play her old hits, promised her label in advance.