Kim Wilde controls the room

Zwarte Piet really exists and the Brexit seems to be a fact; luckily we still have Kim Wilde. In collaboration with culture palace Gigant and the Orpheus Grande Theater in Apeldoorn, we are witnessing an energetic and inspiring concert by the British singer Kim Wilde.

Kim, born in 1960, is on tour in Holland. In the pleasant support program we can enjoy a daring performance by the Frisian Pyn, dreamy beats are alternated with a fresh voice. Nice to start the evening with.

And then, exactly at 21.15 hours the sound swells, the lights swing wildly into the hall, the audience stands and yes, there she is: under a deafening noise, almost mythically the blonde goddess appears on stage and is applauded through the hall. A goosebumps moment.
Kim is powerful, her voice is dark and embracing, it comes inside of you. Immediately she dominates the hall: it is show, it is enjoyment, the band plays energetically and there is a Diva on stage. Within a quarter of an hour there is dancing, there is waving with the arms, the room is moving. The title of the show “Here comes the Aliens” comes into its own: you feel that you have ended up in a non-existent world.

With the song Cambodia, written by her father, you hear a vibration in her voice: it is moving. Still very nice if you still, almost 35 years later, the number in this way knows how to bring: with so much passion. Very occasionally you hear that she just does not get the high notes, but what does it matter: for me and for many others the opening of this weekend is very successful. You get tremendous energy from such a woman with so much energy.

And, last but not least, it has to be said: thanks to the collaboration with Orpheus and Gigant, Apeldoorn has put itself back on the map. A beautiful concert in a crowded room with an enthusiastic audience. That tastes like a lot more.