Kim Wilde denies she’d drunk ‘too much wine’ and insists UFO visit was real

In her new book, the singer turned radio DJ, insisted she had come face to face with a UFO and admitted she felt it brought positive things into her life.

Kim Wilde has denied she was drunk when she saw an UFO visiting her house in 2009. In her new book, the eighties popstar said she wasn’t “on the vino” when she came face to face with the alien spacecraft.

Kim explained: “You could just say I’m completely bonkers and had too much vino that night and should get a grip of myself. At the end of the day I know what I saw.
I hadn’t been on the vino and it has changed my life. It wasn’t a joke. It did happen.”

Kim, who’s now a radio DJ, went on to say how the chance encounter had changed her life for the better. The 57-year-old explained: “When you see something extraordinary in your life you can’t help but be affected by it. It has actually given me a lot of energy. The whole experience has brought about a lot of positive things to my life.”

Kim made first admitted she’d seen the UFO in an interview with Attitude Magazine and joked with her husband that the aliens could have been “big fans” of her music.

Kim is releasing her first album of original songs since 1996 – aptly named Here Come the Aliens. She is also about to embark on a new European tour, starting in Ipswich in March.

She added: “When you see something as extraordinary and maybe extra-terrestrial like that you’re never quite the same. I believe they’re here already or visiting, watching us. I haven’t gone loopy, I just can’t stop thinking about it.”