Kim Wilde: ‘I have seen aliens’

Hits like “Kids In America” ??made Kim Wilde world famous in the 1980s. Now she is back musically. “Here Come The Aliens” is her new album. Not without reason – because the passionate gardener firmly believes in extraterrestrial life.

Kim Wilde, which vegetables should be banned?
For heaven’s sake, not one! I love vegetables and I grow everything in my garden, from potatoes to stalks, corn, tomatoes and onions.

You are also a gardening architect and had her own garden TV show in England. How much time do you spend in the garden?
At the moment I’m on tour, so unfortunately not much. But otherwise it often happens that I am there all day and have to be dragged home in the evening for cooking.

What in your everyday life would you urgently need to change from an environmental perspective?
My shopping habits. I still buy way too many plastic packages.

By what percentage would you have to reduce your workload to be massively happier?
Currently I am on tour and work 14 hours a day. But otherwise I have a very good work-life balance. In between, I am a cook, gardener and dog walker for weeks.

Your nickname as a child?
Smitty, that’s from Smith, my real last name.

When did you last do something self-made?
I recently gave my parents and siblings homemade orange marmalade. I often do that.

Where on the body do you hurt?
Sometimes on the knee, but otherwise my body is very gracious with me.

Is it difficult to age in show business?
I have no problem with that. I am much more relaxed than before.

Does it bother you when reduced to your old hits like Kids In America?
Not at all, I’m proud of that song. But I hope new ones will come with the current album.

Which wallpaper does your smartphone have?
One of my new terrier puppies. I have only had it for a few weeks. His sister has been with us for two years.

Do you have an organ donor card?
Yes. My daughter and I each got one last year. There is no reason not to have one.

What music should be played at your funeral?’
It would be nice if my family would play. My son is a gifted guitarist, my daughter a great songwriter, my husband too. He’s a lot younger than me, so chances are he’ll survive me (laughs).

Can you imagine using euthanasia?
I’m a fighter for life, so I doubt it. But if I had pain that was hardly able to bear: Never say never.

Do you have a tattoo?
Yes, on my back, a flower design that I designed myself. I have had it stung for my 50th birthday in Berlin.

What will people talk about after you die?
I hope it has something to do with me as a pop star. I have earned this place.

And as the woman who believed in aliens?
Clearly. Many do that, I’m talking about it. I know that I have seen aliens, and found an inspiring experience.

The best idea of your life so far?
At the age of 36, I’m temporarily leaving the music business, founding a family and dedicating myself to gardening.

What would you want to give your children along the way?
My sense of humor and my love of life.

Which film has massively influenced your life?
“Arrival” about the arrival of extraterrestrials on earth. It is unbelievable.

What will one say about the current epoch in a hundred years?
We will have contact with extraterrestrials who will show us how much damage we have done to Earth and help us to get it back.

When you were 16, what did your room look like?
Not very tidy, with photos of David Bowie, Elton John and Marilyn Monroe and prints of Chagall and Matisse on the walls.

Do you remember your first school treasure?
His name was David, we were 13, and there was this innocent kiss in the school disco. That’s it – my parents did not allow me a friend until 16.

Who is your best friend?
My husband. My best friend is Claire. We have known each other since we were nine, she lives in Holland.

What gift have you been looking forward to?
About mother’s day cards of my children. Especially from my son, who does not like such conventions.