Kim Wilde kicks off her UK tour in head-to-toe leather in Glasgow… after dedicating her first all-new album in 23 years to ALIENS

She recently released her new studio album Here Come The Aliens, after shooting to fame in the 1980s. And Kim Wilde was certainly back with a bang on Monday night, as she kicked off her UK tour at the Old Fruit Market in Glasgow. The 57-year-old ensured all eyes were on her in head-to-toe leather as she belted out her hits, old and new, to the adoring crowd.  

Maintaining the extra-terrestrial feel of her newest album, Kim hit the stage in Scotland in a figure-hugging boiler suit, complete with black shin pads. The one-piece followed the style of a corset at the top, while the tight leather trousers were embellished with black and silver sequins in a glamorous touch. Only making the look more striking, she layered a bright silver biker jacket atop her look, adorned with shoulder pads, ribbing and chunky fringing on the sleeves. The pop princess tied the ensemble together with chunky metallic lace-up boots, in keeping with the space theme, but opted to forgo accessories, to keep all eyes on her look. She styled her hair sleek and straight to draw attention to her enviably youthful complexion,  accentuated by matching pewter eye-shadow and a bold red lip.

Known for her punchy style, Kim was as passionate as ever as she commanded the stage – dancing with her microphone and singing her heart out for the crowd. Her first tour performance comes after revealed her new album had been inspired by her own supernatural encounters.

Doing the promotional rounds for the new record recently, the Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree singer has told of how she saw an alien spacecraft in her back garden in June 2009, the day after Michael Jackson’s death. And in a new interview with the BBC, she has elaborated on her thoughts behind UFOs, saying: ‘Why wouldn’t they be angry with us and fling us off this beautiful earth that we’re ruining? I can’t deny we haven’t been a terrible disappointment. Perhaps that’s completely naïve.’

Of the encounter – which happened in her garden one Friday evening after taking her son to hospital, worried he had swine flu – Kim, 57, recalled: ‘I looked up in the sky and saw this huge bright light behind a cloud. Brighter than the moon, but similar to the light from the moon. All of a sudden it moved, very quickly, from about 11.00 to 1.00. ‘Then it just did that, back and forth, for several minutes. Whenever it moved, something shifted in the air – but it was silent. Absolutely silent. I’ve watched lights in the sky ever since. There’s not a day goes by I don’t think about it.’

Indeed, Kim has titled the new 12-track album Here Come The Aliens. The 80s legend appeared on Loose Women two weeks ago to talk about her experience and said she believes aliens are keeping an eye on us because we don’t treat each other well.

Kim said: ‘I believe aliens are here already, and have been for a long time. They have been keeping an eye on us for a long time, and are in despair because of the way we treat each other and the planet. And they are sitting around holding conferences talking about what they are gonna do with this lot.’

Kim also recalled to Attitude magazine last month: ‘I said to my husband that maybe the captain was a big Kim Wilde fan and wanted to know where I live. I’m worried he’s going to beam me up and I’ll have to sing Kids in America to him for the rest of my life. I’m worried they’re going to come back and take me away. When you see something as extraordinary and maybe extra-terrestrial like that you’re never quite the same. I believe they’re here already or visiting, watching us. I haven’t gone loopy, I just can’t stop thinking about it.’

The album features extra-terrestrial-inspired songs, with titles such as Solstice and Cyber Nation War.