Review – Here come the aliens

Maybe you had to be a Kim Wilde fan in the past to be interested in this album, to take the time to listen to it. From start to finish and more often, more often. Maybe you have to remember things and experiences from back then, the old records, the old songs and the old times. Then this album is really fun. This pop album. Yes! That’s it. A pop album. Because Kim Wilde can still say that she would do something with rock music on “Here Come The Aliens”. Nonsense. “Here Come The Aliens” is just as little a rock album as Jan Delay’s “Hammer & Michel” was once a rock album. So. And that’s exactly right. Kim Wilde, the pop star. Back then. Somehow not so much today.

And this new dozen songs will certainly not make her one once again. But that’s not the point, the album is an album for Kim Wilde fans, the old and only the old. And it is – yes, damn it! – great. Not all songs, but many more are. “Addicted To You”, the title alone, plus 80s pop in a pseudo-modern guise, you have to celebrate something like that. Or “Kandy Krush” with his killer barbie chorus. Breathtaking. The ballads “Solstice” or “Yours Till The End” with these squeaky beats and old school gimmicks, the euphoric “Rock The Paradiso” or the charging opener “1969” – outstanding. Without irony, without joking, honestly. These are songs that make those who used to be Kim Wilde fans to those who are now Kim Wilde fans.