Review – Here come the aliens

The fact that Kim Wilde is still touring a lot should be no surprise for Dutch fans. She is still received as the new wave queen in our country and she uses that fact gladly, logically enough. Fortunately she also proves she is worth the title on stage: Wilde sounds exactly like she did in the Eighties and puts on a fantastic show. The albums she releases these days are not comparable to songs like Chequered Love, Cambodia or View From A Bridge. Wilde has become more of a rocker and less a waver, and doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of early Eighties anymore, but that absolutely doesn’t mean that her new albums are bad. Here Come The Aliens is a solid rock record with great harmonies, nice guitar riffs, beautiful synth melodies and a singer who’s just as enthusiastic as she was almost fourty years ago. That’s how you like to see your heroes and heroines, don’t you?