Review: Kim Wilde, Gateshead Sage

Kim Wilde turned back the years last night with a show full of spectacle and singalong fun at Sage Gateshead.

With a new album Here Come The Aliens just released, it’s great to see Wilde touring here under her own name instead as part of one of the ever popular nostalgia act tours. The years since she first appeared on the airwaves have failed to dull either her stage presence or trademark husky voice, and when she stepped on stage dressed head to toe in a leather, Tron-like cat suit that intermittently lit up she had everyone’s attention right from the start.

The new album is something of a family affair, her brother Ricky and his daughter, Scarlett, are both on the album and in her six piece band. Opening with ‘Stereo Shot’, all the best tracks on the album were all performed with the standouts comprising the electro-pop of ‘Kandy Krush’, the upbeat ‘Birthday’ and ‘Yours Til The End’ complete with Nile Rodgers’ style choppy guitar.

Wilde didn’t scrimp on her back catalogue either. ‘Water On Glass’ and ‘Never Trust A Stranger’ made early appearances, and hits like ‘You Came’, ‘Cambodia’, ‘View From A Bridge’, ‘If I Can’t Have You’ and ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ were received with delight.

The only way to end what was a hugely enjoyable show was, of course, with the song that launched her career, ‘Kids In America’. Hopefully this tour will encourage further full length performances because Wilde has certainly still got what it takes to deliver an entertaining show.