UFO allowed Kim to make comeback

Kim Wilde: “A giant shine behind a cloud.”

Singer Kim Wilde, 57, broke through the 80s with the song “Kids in America” and she sold 30 million records before retiring 36 years old “because she could not really compete with Madonna,” she said in an interview with the BBC. But now Kim releases her first album since 1995. And why she does it is for a special occasion. Kim claims to have seen a UFO in the sky in 2009.

The revelation was so odd that it allowed Kim to be inspired into a comeback.

‘It was the day after Michael Jackson died and me and my husband and a friend sat in the garden drinking a glass of wine. As I looked up into the sky, I saw a giant shine behind a cloud, clearer than the moon. We got up and went down to the garden. Then the object began to move quickly between 11am and 13pm in the sky. Then the object stood still for several minutes.’

On the new album she sings about aliens who save us from the apocalypse.

‘It may be completely naive. Why should not they be angry with us and throw us away from this beautiful earth that we destroy? I can not deny that we have been a terrible disappointment’, said Kim Wilde.