How a UFO appearance changed the life of this 80s star

Kim Wilde: shamelessly certain: aliens exist. “They are already on their way,” says the 80s icon. She saw it with her own eyes, we know since she released the album ‘Here come the aliens’ in 2018. That was a UFO appearance with far-reaching consequences, she says.

“It has changed my whole life,” it sounds on the other side of the line. Kim Wilde is at home in Hertfordshire, England, where her two dogs are waiting at her feet for a big lap. Our conversation would mainly anticipate the concerts she will be giving in the Netherlands in a month. But first the UFO appearance must be taken from her heart. At least, what she still knows about it, because that isn’t much either. “What I will never forget is that the moment I saw what I saw, I immediately felt a kind of energy flowing into me. It has never left, and recently I even notice that the inexplicable power is increasing.”

In an equally serious tone, she continues: “Since I have seen that UFO, I have started investigating this subject. It’s really true: an incredible world is opening up for you. For me it is now clear that we are not alone in this universe. I even believe that contact is currently being made or at least being sought. And beings with technical superiority who are reaching out to you, I cannot explain that other than something positive!”


For Wilde himself there is clearly a life before and a life after the UFO appearance. “I feel a heartwarming gratitude to live at all, no matter how that life sometimes puts you to the test. It has dawned on me to make something of it, no matter what happens. Focus on what is valuable. In my case, that is my family, my gardening (her second career, ed.) And my music. They are related to each other. Wherever I go, I always carry the most important things with me. “

Laughing: “I will be sixty next year. We are going to celebrate that with the biggest hits of course and special concerts. As a result, I am in the archives more often and see how much I have changed compared to the 20-year-old who broke through with Kids in America. As a person and artist, I have gotten better as a person and as an artist, ”says the now 58-year-old Wilde. “I am not afraid of getting older. My father is 80 and still performs. He enjoys it so much that I am sure it is one of the reasons why he is still doing so well. ”

“We are not alone in the universe”

She can also argue in the other direction, she continues: “Yes, our children now also make music. I don’t know if there are career opportunities, or that’s what they aspire to. What makes me proud is that they tap the same barrel as I do. That creativity connects us.”

For years, Wilde himself saw the performance as a necessary evil. “I did give performances, but in the 1980s it was much more about making videos in order to promote my music. I had to get used to being on the stage, can I describe it that way? Only the last ten, fifteen years have I really had fun doing it myself. “

Is that the reason that her first live album was released in August? “One of the reasons. It all helps me to be at my best. All credits to my band also before that. And to all those beautiful people who just come to my shows. There are recordings from different shows, live in different cities on Aliens to thank them all. I hear love, warmth and energy and in the background I also have the feeling that I have had control over it. There was no better time to record that experience, to immortalize it during all those years that I have been doing this now. ”

Seeing Kim Wilde in top form must succeed, in November she will give no less than eight concerts in our country. “I think it’s okay between us,” she notes. “It has almost become a tradition to give a number of performances in your country at the end of the year. I always feel that we understand each other, even though we do not speak each other’s language. Last spring I was still in the Keukenhof. Really, touring the Netherlands feels like a paid vacation. Next year I will be celebrating my 60th birthday, “she promises.

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