Kim Wilde is extraterrestrial in Hilversum

Published in
Maxazine Noord-Holland website (Netherlands)
Written by
Sandra Hendriks

The 58-year-old Kim Smith, better known as Kim Wilde, got a love of music as a child. Her parents, Marty and Joyce, were both musicians in the 1950s. Early on Kim wanted nothing more than to sing. Her songs were a mix of rock and pop. It was named New Wave in the early 1980s. In England she soon became The Princess of Pop, with songs such as "Kids in America", "Cambodia" and "Chequered Love".

In the 90s it became quiet around her. She focused primarily on her family and her gardening hobby. Fortunately, she returned, with the bilingual hit "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime" in 2003 with the German singer Nena. It is striking that this was her first number 1 hit in the Netherlands, while it was never even released in England. In 2006 the hit "You Came" followed. A few albums and tours later, now the album "Here Come the Aliens" and tour of the same name.

Kim Wilde performed with band in the Vorstin in Hilversum on November 14. The room was well filled, there was a lot of noise. The stage already looked promising in blue light. Often men stood in the front rows near the podium. To the sound of loud cheers, the band entered the stage with Kim. It was a solid turnout that immediately set the tone for the evening: Rock! Then some more famous work, such as; "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime" and "Never Trust A Stranger". The audience clearly came for the big hits, because there was a lot of singing and dancing. The atmosphere was immediately there. Kim: “We're going to do some old stuff and new stuff. Old stuff is good, right?” Unnecessary question, the reaction from the audience was meaningful. "Cambodia" was used with enormous cheers and applause.

"I'll take my jacket off", black clothing became visible with an image of an alien on the back. “I saw them in my garden. I'm here to protect you!" cried Kim. Then the newer songs were played. Everyone was full of attention. During each subsequent song, it seemed as if a small video clip appeared on stage. New accessories such as cape, alien masks, black leather gloves and blue space glasses made the space effect greater. Not that an artist like Kim Wilde needs this, but it fits nicely in this atmosphere. This setting in combination with the solid rock music gave a wow effect. The band members were optimally adapted to each other. Her brother Ricky plays the guitar and also wrote the beautiful "Yours Till The End". Kim sang with a lot of feeling and passion. What an energy during the song "King Of The World". She appears to be a true family person. In addition to her brother, her niece also sings in the band.

"Pop Don't Stop" again sounded like the 80s hits. The standing audience deliberately moved along with the synthesizer sounds and the big hits that followed: "Water On Glass", "View From a Bridge", "Chequered Love", "You Came", "You Keep Me Hangin" On. Of course "Kids In America" ​​could not be absent. It was a wonderful evening, full of recognition and also surprising effects. There was a lot of interaction between Kim and the audience. She knows better than anyone how to do this: eye contact, gestures, saying the right things. Nothing is strange to her. She allowed an extended hand to touch her boots. Her enthusiasm made everyone feel that she was happy to be here. The pleasure in the performance exploded. November 18 Kim will be 59, but: The Princess of Pop still rocks!