Kim Wilde rocks on the Neuer Markt with Hiddensee jewelry

The singer had her big time in the 80s, but she has lost nothing of her energy. When in between the sound turned out, she has continued undeterred.

Stralsund – Thousands of people are standing on the Neuer Markt in Stralsund awaiting the appearance of Kim Wilde. But before the singer arrives on stage, she receives a gift from Stralsund’s mayor Alexander Badrow (CDU): a replica of the Hiddensee jewelery exhibited in Stralsund. The Brit then wears the same around the neck. It fits perfectly with her black vamp skirt outfit.

She does not bring her big hits right at the beginning. Instead, she presents newer pieces – her repertoire is rich. Wilde has already released 14 albums, the 15th will appear soon. It will be a live album that was recorded in 19 cities, she reveals in an interview before the performance.

Wilde has been on the stages of the world for several decades. How much she is a pro, she proves, as in Stralsund after a quarter of an hour after some roar the sound fails. The band just keeps playing and Wilde sings as if everything is normal.

Whether she will notice the disturbance at all, is not very clear. About a minute later, the sound returns, which of course pleases the Stralsunders in the full Neuer Markt.

The big hits come at the end

The most famous numbers “You came” and “Keep me hanging on” she has kept for the end. There is a lot of movement in the crowd in front of the stage. Many a couple shows what steps it can take, many others just dance for themselves and sing along. Because the pieces are still popular radio hits today. For the encore, Kim Wilde has chosen “Kids in America”. She presents it with her band in an unfamiliar but not inappropriate rock version. Many fans sing with “Kids in America – Wooh-Ooh”. Then a groovy finale, the band gives it everything, the light flickers, the crowd cheers. A successful end, shortly before 23 o’clock.