Once upon a time was a sex symbol of the eighties: Kim Wilde is a famous musician thanks to her dad

Many people were a fan of the blonde, the great music star who stunned the world. Today she has entered her sixth decade and has a nervous breakdown behind her, stories about meeting with aliens and drinking in public places. Kim Wilde does not intend to give up music, and for that, she says, deserves her dad who once was a big star.

‘My career began in a spectacular way, with a great song written by my father and my brother Ricky – ‘Kids In America’. The family has always been wonderful to me. Throughout my career I had their support. It is not easy to be the daughter of a glorious father, but growing up with him I had the opportunity to grasp how the music business is like any other business and how to stay grounded. I would not have managed without him. When I look at my father, I do not think I’m going away from music. It just does not want to leave us alone,” said Kim Wilde.

Her dad, Marty Wilde, who has celebrated his 80th birthday in their home in Hertfordshire today, was the great rock’n’roll star of the ’50s that celebrated the hits ‘A Teenager In Love’, ‘Jezebel’ and ‘Donna’. The celebrated musician who gained fame in the 80s with Kim Wilde, also celebrated with his son Ricky and his wife Joyce (formerly member of The Vernon Girls), but also with the compilation of songs he has written over the years. The album includes a new song written for his friend, American rockabilly musician Eddie Cochran, who died in a car accident in 1960 at the age of 21. In the 1980’s, Marty Wilde wrote songs for Kim and Dire Straits.

Judging by the latest photographs, Kim continues to remind the devilish blonde who sang the hit ‘Kids in America’. He has been involved in gardening for years and claims to have helped her greatly after the nervous breakdown she experienced when she was at the height of her glory. She is no longer as famous as she once was, but still holds regular concerts.