Review – Aliens Live

After almost forty years of being active on the pop front, Kim Wilde releases a live album, a first for her discography. Never before has an official live album of this Princess Of Pop been released.

After the enthusiastic reception of the album Here Come The Aliens, an extensive tour through Europe followed. Now Kim has been touring Europe more in recent years, but the Aliens tour had more venues and performances than before. The tour is used to release a live album for the first time in her long career, and it immediately becomes a report of more than an hour and a half.

The album is a good reflection of her career, the hits come along while at the same time the new album is amply discussed. Wilde rises above herself on stage, flanked by an optimally matched band. The addition of an extra drummer provides more power. View From A Bridge is a song that for example immediately sounds a lot stronger, but still remains a hundred percent pop song.

In addition to the hits Cambodia, Kids In America, Never Trust A Stranger and You Came, Wilde has also included more unknown songs from her older albums in the set. That’s how we hear Bladerunner and Words Fell Down. The song Solstice from the latest album gets a nice modest version on stage, while Pop Don’t Stop fits in with the list of nostalgic hits.

The album is a nice excerpt from the career of Kim Wilde, who started in 1981 with Kids In America. The live registration is not from one concert, the songs come from different concerts. There are songs from Hamburg, Antwerp, London, Vienna and Zurich on the album. Kandy Krush was chosen from the concert in Utrecht, the song CYBERNATION WAR comes from the concert that Wilde gave in Haarlem.

This album is an absolute must, not only because it is a great live compilation, but also because it is the first live registration of an artist who has been around for so long. An artist who does not have to prove himself, but wants to. Every concert is given with 110% effort, and you can hear that. Go listen to this!