She used to be a sex symbol, and today at the age of 60, she attracts attention with her attractive appearance

Kim Wilde celebrated her 59th birthday and doesn’t give up on music.

British singer Kim Wilde is remembered by many as one of pop music’s biggest stars, celebrated by hits such as “Kids In America,” “Cambodia” or “You Keep Me Hangin On.” The blond singer soon gained the status of a sex symbol because she was celebrated by men and women around the world.

It seems like an entire eternity has passed since those times, especially after Kim celebrated her 59th birthday. Blond hair is still her trademark, as is the rock style she wears in her age.

Although at the height of her career, she experienced a psychological breakdown under the burden of fame, Kim continued to pursue music. She released her latest album, “Snapshots,” in 2011, and regularly hosts concerts that her fans miss out on, and releases recordings and photos on social media.

Kim found herself in the spotlight a few years ago after stating she had seen aliens after her colleague, King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away.

“I was in the garden with my friend and husband the day after Michael Jackson died and we saw two bright lights in the sky. They looked like the moon, but much bigger. They hovered, and then they started to zigzag fast, and that’s it took 20 minutes. And we weren’t the only ones to see it, it was also written in a local newspaper. It changed my life, I felt connected to the universe, it inspired me and it brought me hope. I think it’s like when someone says he saw God,” Kim said in an interview with the BBC, adding that the event inspired her to continue making music.