Superfan: Dimitri Giannestras

Devoted fans show us their collections and pop memorabilia.

Dimitri Giannestras, Stuttgart, Germany

When did you first become a fan of Kim Wilde and what prompted your fandom?
Since the very beginning, back in 1981 – I was 11 then. I loved her unique music and, of course, her cool image. Bravo magazine once called her “the girl who never smiles”. I was fascinated by her look, attitude and blonde hair.

What do you have in your collection?
Everyhing! Releases on vinyl, CD, cassette, DVD, video and LaserDisc, as well as memorabilia including posters, badges, T-shirts, books, badges and cardboard displays.

How much have you spent on your collection over the years?
Since 1981, I’ve spent a lot of money on my Kim Wilde madness! I’ve never counted, otherwise I’d go crazy. Apart from the collection itself, I’ve also paid to see gigs and TV show appearances with all of the associated flights and hotels. The list goes on…

What’s your favourite item in your collection?
There are a few. A version on CD of ‘Catch As Catch Can’, which was only released in Japan back in the day. I also have Japanese 12″ versions of ‘Bitter Is Better’ and ‘View From A Bridge’ with unique covers as well as a 12″ promo vinyl of ‘It’s Here’ from Hong Kong. I collect vinyl from all over the world including Japan, Mexico, Brazil and many more. I’d love to complete my ‘Here Come The Aliens’ collection with CDs from the US, Russia and Australia, red and yellow signed vinyl, and the very rare one-track promo ‘Birthday’ in a card sleeve.

Have you ever met Kim?
Oh yes, I’ve been very lucky and patient over the years, waiting outside tour buses and after shows. I was also very honoured to interview her for a magazine article once.

If you could ask Kim one question, what would it be?
When can we expect your autobiography and a ‘Here Come The Aliens’ live DVD?