Thousands of fans in La Garde: Kim Wilde madness

For its great concert of the summer, the municipality hit the bull’s eye. According to the organizers, the concert of the pop icon has attracted several thousand spectators at the foot of the Rock.

What to expect from an artist if it is only to delight her audience? Mission accomplished for the soldier Wilde at the time of launching to her troops a legendary Cambodia, Monday night in La Garde. Visibly insensitive to the weight of the years, wild and glamorous Kim Wilde, between black leather and scarlet boa, made their youth to the fans of the first hour and electrified the curious last-minute. The luscious English, icon of the late 80s, ran the favorite playlist of those who are in their fifties today. From You Came to Kids in America, the old titles made La Garde shake. Even the most recent ones have been taken up by a delighted public. Kim Wilde – sometimes mocked for her easy music – assumes her title of queen of pop with humor and humility. “See you soon,” she shouted after introducing her musicians. We hope so.