Articles 2020

23 December 2020 A woman at 60 can do anything Meins (Germany)
27 November 2020 Kim Wilde’s anniversary: she has entered the seventh decade Suzy (Slovenia)
19 November 2020 Kim Wilde celebrates turning 60 with make-up free selfie flaunting ageless beauty Daily Star (UK)
18 November 2020 Happy birthday, Kim Wilde (60)! Nouveau (Netherlands)
18 November 2020 Kim Wilde had to postpone “Greatest Hits” tour: Kim Wilde turns 60 Südtirol news (Italy)
18 November 2020 “I’d like to have the family around” Thüringische Landeszeitung (Germany)
18 November 2020 “Have fun with the trip!” Neue Presse (Germany)
18 November 2020 She spends her milestone birthday with the family Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Germany)
17 November 2020 Kim is still pretty Wilde Bild (Germany)
17 November 2020 Tomorrow Politiken (Denmark)
16 November 2020 Kim Wilde: A 60th Birthday Tattoo – Our Interview website (Germany)
14 November 2020 Kim Wilde: “Today my voice is better than ever…” Das Neue (Germany)
6 November 2020 Kim Wilde …honestly! Neue Woche (Germany)
1 November 2020 Running Wilde with Marty, Kim and Roxy Eighth Day Magazine (UK)
10 October 2020 My life through a lens: Singer Marty Wilde, 81, and his pop star daughter Kim, 59, share the stories behind their favourite snaps Daily Mail Weekend (UK)
6 October 2020 Marty Wilde feared daughter Kim following him into music industry because of ‘alarming’ struggles women faced Metro (UK)
5 October 2020 80s pop icon Kim Wilde joins rock ‘n’ roll legend dad Marty for surprise Somerset show Chard and Ilminster News (UK)
4 October 2020 “Dad was my pop idol” Sunday Express Magazine (UK)
1 October 2020 Kim Wilde reveals the bizarre reason she listens to Kids In America before every tour Metro (UK)
27 September 2020 ‘I’ve always looked up to my dad – he was my first pop idol!’ Sunday People (UK)
7 September 2020 Kim Wilde on career, dad & her biggest hit: “I’ve forgiven Shakin’ for keeping my hit ‘Kids in America’ off the No1 spot” Daily MIrror (UK)
1 September 2020 Wilde times Hertfordshire Living (UK)
11 August 2020 Kim Wilde ‘inspired’ by father Marty after his ‘dramatic health scare’ Evening Express (UK)
8 August 2020 The Wilde Bunch: Marty’s first duet with daughter Kim Daily Mirror (UK)
8 August 2020 Just Wilde… Marty and Kim release first duet Daily Express (UK)
4 August 2020 This is what British ‘Kids in America’ popstar Kim Wilde looks like now Linda (Netherlands)
21 July 2020 Review – Catch as Catch Can (2-CD/DVD Reissue) website (USA)
26 June 2020 Kim Wilde: A life between stages and gardens Nordwest Zeitung (Germany)
17 June 2020 I wouldn’t be a kid in America now, or anywhere else… Daily Express (UK)
22 April 2020 Jacko life too Wilde for Kim Daily Star (UK)
21 April 2020 ‘Touring with Michael Jackson showed me the ugly side of fame’ New! (UK)
7 April 2020 Kim Wilde: ‘I look miserable, but I was having the time of my life’ The Guardian (UK)
2 April 2020 The Eighties were larger than life Birmingham Post (UK)
25 March 2020 Kim Wilde warns on social media Daily Mail (UK)
24 March 2020 ‘I was the classic rebel without a cause!’ Best (UK)
11 March 2020 Kim goes wild for Majorca after recording session Majorca Daily Bulletin (Spain)
20 February 2020 Sixty seconds with Kim Wilde Metro (UK)
2 February 2020 Review – Aliens Live Angora (Poland)
1 February 2020 Review – Kim Wilde / Select / Catch as catch can Record Collector (UK)
1 February 2020 Review – Kim Wilde / Select / Catch as catch can Classic Pop (UK)
25 January 2020 Review – Kim Wilde / Select / Catch as catch can Louder than war (UK)
17 January 2020 Kim Wilde: I’m proud I have survived with my sense of humour intact The Irish News (UK)
15 January 2020 Going Wilde in the Dales Yorkshire Post (UK)
12 January 2020 Touring with Bowie was a thrill. But I was on a high for weeks after winning gold at the Chelsea Flower Show Irish Mail on Sunday (Ireland)
10 January 2020 Reintroduction to the Wilde Regional newspapers (UK)
3 January 2020 Kim Wilde: My life in travel Daily Telegraph (UK)