Kim Wilde had to postpone “Greatest Hits” tour: Kim Wilde turns 60

The corona pandemic has also shaken up Kim Wilde’s plans. The British pop icon actually wanted to be on stage in October as part of their “Greatest Hits” tour. Called off. Postponed. Like so much this year. Kim Wilde has plenty of reason to celebrate. Not only can she look back on a 40-year career, on Wednesday the singer, known from numerous hits in the 80s, celebrates her 60th birthday.

The path was almost mapped out for Kim Wilde. Her success story is also the story of her family: Father Marty was a popular singer at the end of the 1950s, who together with Kim’s brother Ricky shook the fast and powerful pop songs for the daughter up his sleeve.

And there were plenty of hits. It started in 1981 with “Kids Of America” – then it went on in quick succession: With songs like “Chequered Love”, “Cambodia” or “View From A Bridge” Kim Wilde stormed the charts worldwide and established himself a bit as European Mainstream edition by Blondie front woman Debbie Harry.

In the 90s, things calmed down about the hit singer who turned her life inside out. She moved to the country and bought a 16th century barn, which she renovated and furnished. After the turbulent years, she wanted to take care of her family more – and she made a name for herself as a landscape gardener. In 2005 she was awarded a gold medal at the renowned Chelsea Flower Show.

Gardening was not only a nice pastime, the nature-loving life also helped her against her anxiety, she told the Independent. “It has been a great therapy for me and can help people get back on their feet and restore balance when it feels like life is getting out of hand.”

In the noughties, Kim Wilde finally returned to the stage with new music. But she could no longer build on her great successes from the 80s.

And what music does she carry herself through crises? A clear answer: That was always the rock opera “Tommy” from The Who, she reveals on Instagram. “There must be a spiritual bond, because years later @Pete_Townshend asked me to play Mrs. Walker in the West End, where I met my husband Hal Fowler – happily ever after,” she wrote.