Kim Wilde: “Today my voice is better than ever…”

The rock lady of the 80s celebrates her big comeback at 60

If I could stop time I would do it right now. I haven’t felt so good for a long time,” emphasizes Kim Wilde, who is now celebrating her 60th birthday on November 18th. Her goal is “to go one step further with every new year. My voice is better today than it used to be – and so am I. ”

Anyone visiting Kim Wilde at her home in Hertfordshire, north of London, is greeted by a true energy miracle. Despite the corona lockdown, the singer continues to give full throttle. She designs the garden together with husband Hal (52), plans a book and writes songs with son Harry (22). In retrospect, Kim feels that her European tour has been postponed to 2021 as a “blessing”. Because even her daughter Rose (20), who studies psychology, is closed again and moved home: “It’s a gift that we as a family can spend so much time together again.” And Kim enjoys this “second chance” all the more. In the past, the Rocklady was primarily interested in her career. “My children have complained a lot about the lack of time I had for them,” she admits. “It’s different today: I’ve become more attentive and have learned to set priorities.”

How it goes on? “With music, of course. Now that my children have grown up, I don’t have to tear myself apart anymore. My father is 81 and is still on tour, he is my role model.”