Articles 2021

8 December 2021 Kim’s Wilde ideas Irish Daily Star (Ireland)
7 December 2021 Kim Wilde convinced aliens will be proven to exist before she dies after UFO encounter Daily Star (UK)
7 December 2021 I’ve Wilde idea we’ll find aliens Daily Star (UK)
1 December 2021 Picture this Record Collector (UK)
18 November 2021 Corset and squeezed breasts: The famous singer (61) is as wild as she was when she was young! website (Slovakia)
8 October 2021 Cover heroes Pop/Rocky (Germany)
1 September 2021 Kim Wilde: The Greatest Hits Tour Celebrity (Spain)
1 September 2021 She returned to the stage from gardening Best (Hungary)
24 August 2021 Wilde about Kim Best (UK)
18 August 2021 I may be 60, but I’m still Wilde at heart Daily Express (UK)
9 August 2021 Kim Wilde: Born to be wilde Public (France)
7 August 2021 Kim Wilde: Still wild Das Neue (Germany)
26 July 2021 Still ambitious for her new music after 40 years at top of the charts Lancashire Post (UK)
11 July 2021 Kim Wilde: “I understand the attachment of people for the 80s” L'echo Républicain (France)
3 June 2021 Voorburg fan writes Kim Wilde biography: ‘She even played at my wedding’ Omroep West website (Netherlands)
1 June 2021 Review – Kim Wilde: Pop Don’t Stop: A Biography Classic Pop (UK)
1 June 2021 Review – Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits Classic Pop (UK)
1 June 2021 Q+A: Kim Wilde Classic Pop (UK)
29 May 2021 Kim Wilde’s biggest fan AD Haagsche Courant (Netherlands)
11 May 2021 The 80s are back! Best (UK)
18 February 2021 Pop star Kim Wilde launches new radio show on QBS Radio Qatar Tribune (Qatar)
6 February 2021 Boy Wonder! George’s 60 songs on 60th Daily Star (UK)