Boy Wonder! George’s 60 songs on 60th

Incredibly Boy George turns 60 this summer and he’s releasing a whopping 60 new songs to celebrate the occasion.

The Culture Club legend has recorded a mountain of material over the past few years and wants to make up for lost time by releasing all of it for a new album project called My Opus Can’t Copas.

After teasing a few snippets George announced: “All these songs will form part of My Opus Can’t Copas for my 60th birthday in June! 60 new songs which includes a ton of collaborations!”

Since launching his own BGP Records in 2018 George has issued music by like-minded musicians  as well as himself, without having to pander to a major label. Many of these names are expected to feature on his new birthday LP alongside famous pals such as Kim Wilde, whom he has also collaborated with for her 40th anniversary LP due this year too.

He explained: “This lockdown period has been good to reach out to people. I sang on something (Kim) wrote as she has a big, big anniversary coming up. I also sent her a track I did. We did a swap. It was very grown up.”

In his advancing years George feels less precious about releasing music. “This generation has been tuned to a frequency of perfection, but I’ve started to realise that I was getting in my own way creatively. I listen to things I wouldn’t normally listen to now. I’m more open to things, I wear my influences more clearly.” Part of that is enjoying how his voice has changed over the years, so much so he’s re-recorded old songs.

He said: “As I’ve got older my voice has got more husky. I’ve done a lot of older songs again because I prefer my voice now. I’ve been working with an acting coach and that told me a lot about breathing, where you place a note and being physically relaxed when you sing.”

And with a major movie biopic also in the works it promises to be a 60th year to remember for the pop legend.