Cover heroes

As different as Kim Wilde and Dieter Hallervorden are, they both managed to get a special place in the hearts of a generation. For us they remember a crazy decade.

Pop Rocky readers were quick to know: she will become something! In 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984 Kim Wilde won a hammer smurf as the best singer. Four decades later the trophies are still standing in Kim’s room and the pop icon is happy to see her fans from those days again during her ‘Greatest Hits’ tour in Germany in 2022. She will also perform the new duet with Boy George, ‘Shine On’ from her recently released ‘Pop Don’t Stop – Greatest Hits’ album.

What is the most beautiful memory of your career in the Eighties?
I have so many great memories about working in Germany! For instance, during performances in the TV broadcasts of ‘Musikladen’ in the early Eighties. There was a night club names ‘Jimmy’s’, where all the artists would go after recording. Ultravox, The Police, Kajagoogoo, Sister Sledge and Tenpole Tudor would dance and drink until morning. The show itself was big fun and a chance to flirt with my favourite bands backstage!

Is there something you miss?
Really the Eighties have never been gone. Fashion and music from the Eighties are as popular as they have ever been, and I was always asked to play at Eighties festivals – something I really like! Many of the artists whose records I bought back in the day are good friends now and are still making great music, such as Nik Kershaw’s wonderful lockdown album ‘Oxymoron’.

What is your favourite memory of Pop Rocky?
I am really happy to be photographed with my Pop Rocky smurfs again! When I see the old covers of Pop Rocky, on which Shakin’ Stevens and I hold up our prizes, it really amuses me. When my children grew up, I had to get my smurfs to safety. I am stunned that the smurfs have survived to this day!

About the subject of children: the teenagers of now discover the music of the Eighties again, certain number one hits sound like they come from the Eighties. How do you fell when you see that it has inspired a whole generation?
It’s ture, I hear the Eighties in many new artists’ music, like The Weeknd and also new artists, most of all Synthwave-artist like Nina, on whose album ‘Synthian’ I have sung on, on a song called ‘The Wire’. I find it great that young artists are inspired by this inimitable sound!