I’ve Wilde idea we’ll find aliens

Pop legend Kim Wilde believes aliens will be proven to exist within her lifetime. The Kids In America singer had her own close encounter with a UFO in 2009. It has left her convinced the world will soon be provided with undeniable evidence that ETs are out there.

Kim, 61, said: “The only thing I do feel for certain is that before I shuffle off this mortal coil there will be proper disclosure. We will have confirmation of life, however small. Even if it’s just microbial. It won’t be something that’s just out there as a thought any more. We will have to deal with that. And that will be huge.”

Kim revealed how her own experience of seeing a UFO over her Hertfordshire home 12 years ago “profoundly changed my life”.

She said: “There I was staring up at a huge light dancing in the sky with another smaller light in a way that I’ve never seen before or since.”