Kim Wilde convinced aliens will be proven to exist before she dies after UFO encounter

EXCLUSIVE: Kids In American hitmaker and pop icon Kim Wilde had her own encounter with a UFO back in 2009 and now believes aliens will be proven to exist before she dies.

Pop legend Kim Wilde believes aliens will be proven to exist within her lifetime. The Kids In America singer had her own close encounter with a UFO in 2009. It has left her convinced the world will soon be provided with undeniable evidence that ETs are out there.

Musician Kim, 61, said: “The only thing I do feel for certain is that before I shuffle off this mortal coil there will be proper disclosure. We will have confirmation of life, however small. Even if it’s just microbial. It won’t be something that’s just out there as a thought any more. We will have to deal with that. And that will be huge.”

Kim revealed how her own experience of seeing a UFO over her Hertfordshire home 12 years ago “profoundly changed my life”. She said: “There I was staring up at a huge light dancing in the sky with another smaller light in a way that I’ve never seen before or since.”

Speaking previously on ITV’s Loose Women about her UFO sighting, Kim told the panel: “It was in 2009. I was in our garden with my husband and a friend. Helicopters and a bright light came towards us. Maybe they were after someone. But then they left. The light remained behind a cloud in the sky and everyone thought I’d been on the pinot grigio. I’d been in A&E [for an undisclosed reason], all night but that’s a long story… I was looking up and it moved from 11 o’clock to 2 o’clock and again and again, then a smaller one joined it. My husband went running in to find something to film it, but I felt compelled to watch it. It inspired me. It was a UFO, I can’t believe I saw it.”

Kids in America, Kim’s 1981 debut single, was a global hit and she went on to sell more records that decade than any other female British pop star. Her other hits include Chequered Love, You Keep Me Hanging On and You Came. The singing sensation has previously won a Brit award and toured with King of Pop and Thriller superstar Michael Jackson.