Kim Wilde: “I understand the attachment of people for the 80s”

Children of the 80s remember all of Kim Wilde and her innumerable hits. At 60 years old, the ex-diva of the pop returns to her occasion on the occasion of the release of a copious box set.

A major figure of pop of the 80s with hits like Kids in America or Cambodia, Kim Wilde celebrates the forty years of her career with the release of a copious box, Pop don’t stop, which regroups, in five CDs and two DVDs , all the distinguishing titles of his career.

What is your sentiment regarding this box Pop don’t stop? Did you think you’d be here, 40 years later, at the beginning of your career?
This box is a fabulous gift for my 60th birthday. Kids in America and all my hits from the 80’s started my incredible career and I’m very familiar with that. I’m also very pleased to have included two new songs, like Shine on, with Boy George.

What was Kim Wilde like, 40 years ago, at the time of the release of your first album? Do you still recognize yourself in her?
My sense of humor is intact, I’ve the same friends since school, so the Kim Wilde from 40 years ago has never been far away. During quarantine, I spent a lot of time filming my old photos and souvenirs. It was a very beautiful and positive process. I realized that in the past, I was too hard on myself, I did not save myself.

You have become extremely famous while being very young. How did you manage all this?
Thanks to the influence of my father (ed.: the British singer Marty Wilde), celebrity has never been anything but very respectable for me. Fame has never been my motivation to become a singer. From then on, I was still living with my family, and when I returned home with me after a day of work, I found myself babysitting and changing baby beds.

Were you destined to be a celebrity?
When I was very young, I told my friends that I would become a famous singer. It was neither a revenge nor a ghost, rather a kind of self-assurance even, at the time, I did not know at all how it should be concretized. I do not imagine that my career would start with my father and brother, who wrote Kids in America.

The 80s are again in fashion. Even the generations that have not yet been born have a kind of nostalgic commitment for this period. How do you explain it?
It was a time without internet, without portable telephones, without pandemic… The 80 specials can be found only for these reasons. I understand the attachment of people for this decade, the times were simpler, more insidious. I agree up to a certain point. The music, especially at the beginning of the 80s, was particularly exciting, with a great variety of genres: new wave, disco, synthetic pop … I also see, during fashion shows, the return of accessories from this era, like the epaulettes. It does not matter that the new generations are so much attracted by the 80s. I know this in real time!

Does the pandemic appeal to you about things about yourself?
I appreciate all that I have in life. I confess that I was a very optimistic person, with a large positive energy reserve. I’m ready to advance with all those who want to follow me well.