Wilde about Kim

RUTH LANGSFORD: Kim Wilde is the same age as me and, like me, she is a very keen gardener. She’s also a mum and likes a bit of a boogie… or maybe that should be, likes a lot of rock ’n’ roll. For her, ‘the pop don’t stop’ – which is not only true, it’s also the title of her greatest hits album. She will forever be immortalised by her first hit, Kids in America, but not necessarily defined by it. I enjoyed interviewing her because she had not only tales to tell but a huge enthusiasm in telling them. Most of all she is fun, upbeat and contagious. Dressed in her jeans, jacket and trainers she is the most amazing example to 60year-old women who don’t feel it. Her secret? ‘Red lipstick helps!’ she says. ‘If you’re ever not sure about life, put some red lipstick on.’ Good advice, Kim.