‘Don’t laugh’: Kim Wilde has a crush on Harry Styles

Kim Wilde has a crush on Harry Styles. The ‘Kids In America’ hitmaker, 61, has confessed she fancies the 28-year-old former One Direction star – who is dating another Wilde, actress-and-filmmaker Olivia Wilde, 38.

Asked who her celebrity crush is, Kim told Best magazine: “Don’t laugh … Harry Styles! If he walked into my house, I think I would blush.”

Kim also recalled falling “passionately in love” with the late David Bowie when she supported him. She said: “I fell passionately in love with Bowie – but he was in love with his wife-to-be at the time, Iman – I didn’t get a look in. I loved him from afar. As soon as I saw him, I thought, ‘My God, you are the most incredible person.’ How could you not love David Bowie?!”

Meanwhile, Kim previously revealed she walked away from the music business after seeing the damaging effect fame had on Michael Jackson. The pop veteran supported the late ‘Thriller’ hitmaker – who died from acute propofol intoxication in June 2009 – on his 1988 ‘Bad’ tour and the experience only strengthened her doubts about the negative impact of life in the public eye.

She explained: “It gave me an insight into that level of fame – there were lots of ugly aspects to it. The ugliness of the fame was evident in many different ways, like the way it isolates people. At the time, I had second thoughts about what achieving more fame could actually bring to my life, as it seemed to only bring isolation and loneliness into Michael’s life. I couldn’t live mine like that. Not being able to go to the supermarket or hang out with my mates and just lead a normal life – you can’t put a price on that and it seemed he’d paid such a huge price already. Ultimately, he paid with his life and looking back, that was always going to happen somehow. I felt that – and that was one of the reasons I retired a few years later. There were a number of factors but that was certainly one of them. I thought, ‘What’s the point of chasing even more fame? There’s only one place it can potentially lead.’ “

The British star – who has children Harry, 24, and Rose, 22, with husband Hal Fowler – quit her pop career and enjoyed a quieter family life for years before returning to her music and now loves the balance she has.

She added: “So I started to look for more meaning in my life and I found that through meeting my husband and having my family and getting into gardening. Now I have a wonderful balance of family life, being close to nature but also loving playing live.”