Double Anniversary Tour

Kim Wilde’s real name is Kim Smith. But why is her brother Ricky also called Wilde and not Smith? Why does he have the same stage name as his older sister? The solution: Papa Reginald Leonard Smith was a well-known star in the United Kingdom in the 50s and 60s of the last century. After all, he managed six top ten hits with cover versions. And his stage name was: Marty Wilde.

Kim and Ricky were able to experience many Wormsers on Friday, June 1st, 2018 as part of the Rhineland-Palatinate Day on the Worms market square.

With a two-year delay caused by Corona, the Briton has now made up for her double anniversary tour, namely the 40th stage anniversary and the 60th birthday; regardless of whether the “data” were still correct or not. With her tour entitled “Greatest Hits Tour”, which took her through 10 German cities and ended on Saturday evening in the sold-out Mannheim Capitol, she kept her word. And this time, in her band of 7, she not only had her brother Ricky on stage, but also his daughter, her niece, Scarlett (whose last name was Wilde, of course). 23 songs built almost in medley dramaturgy, the set included what she began with 1984’s “Rage to Love” (written by dad Marty and brother Ricky) and “Kids in America” ​​(written by dad Marty and brother Ricky) ended with her brilliant debut song from 1981.

“Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)”, “If I Can’t Have You”, were among them, as was “Checkered Love”, her second single, which starts succinctly with minimal keyboard sound and then builds into an irresistible catchy tune is molting. But of course, in the 80s synth and new wave were the popular genres. Also included is “View From A Bridge”, which is about a girl’s suicide. It’s not the best-known, but perhaps the most complex song with a mystical intro that was unusual at the time, which turns into an upbeat. “Cambodia” from their album “Select” is synthpop at its finest.

For the first time she also played Nena’s 1984 hit “Irgendwie, Irgenwo, Irgendwann” on her tour. A song where the two eighties icons teamed up in 2002 with a remake of “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime” and Kim’s career progressed again.

Three songs from the 14th album “Here come the Aliens” were also included in Mannheim. Kim Wilde wants to follow up next year; Brother Ricky (60) and niece Scarlett (33) are already busy writing the new songs.

Although it was a nice, nostalgic journey into the 80s, perhaps even under the motto: “It was good – stays good”, there is still a small drop of bitterness. The acoustics didn’t quite fit, overdriven, dull, too much reverberation. Perhaps one or the other additional box was missing and a bit more technology would have been good for the last concert.