Kim Wilde bursts into tears in the Saarlandhalle

Saarbrücken: As part of her greatest hits tour, the 80s icon Kim Wilde made a stop at the Saarlandhalle in Saarbrücken yesterday, Tuesday evening. With a delay of more than two years: the Briton’s event was originally planned for October 2020. The new date due to Corona is not the only change: the concert will be moved from the Congresshalle to the Saarlandhalle and those who originally bought standing room tickets should now sit in the new location, because there are only seats.

“When it starts, many people will jump up anyway,” predicted a usher before the concert. And she’s right. Most of the concert-goers are already standing after the first notes. And after a few songs, people rush forward to celebrate and dance. Kim Wilde has brought a lot of hits with him: “Cambodia”, “View from a Bridge”, “You came” and of course “Kids in America” ​​will be played. Wilde’s brother Ricky also co-wrote the 80s hits. On their current tour, he is on stage as a guitarist.

And Kim’s niece Scarlett sings backup vocals “and takes care of her aunty,” as Kim, now 62, laughs as she introduces the band. While other 80s artists perform to half-playback, the show in Saarbrücken is actually live: with two guitarists, a bassist, a keyboardist and a man on one and a woman on a second drum kit! In addition to their own songs, some cover versions are also played: “If I can’t have you” by the Bee Gees, for example, “You keep me hangin’ on” by the Supremes or “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime”.

Wilde sang the song in a duet with Nena in 2003. In Saarbrücken, she also tries her hand at Nena’s German vocal parts, and it’s not bad at all. Towards the end of the show, Kim suddenly speaks seriously and emotionally about her concerts: “We were very worried during the Corona pandemic that things would not come back. That you wouldn’t come back That everything would remain just a memory.”

She bursts into tears and has to lean on the microphone stand. “But you’re here and it’s great,” she sobs. The audience responded with applause and shouted “We love you, Kim!” If you missed the concert and want to see Kim Wilde live: On Saturday she will be making a stop at the Capitol in Mannheim, there are still tickets left.