Kim Wilde has divorced her husband Hal Fowler

Nobody really expected that! The love story of Kim Wilde (62) and Hal Fowler actually looked like a book: the two got to know each other during the production of the opera “Tommy” and fell in love – they got married six months later. A happy marriage followed that should last for 26 years. But now the two announced completely surprisingly: Kim and Hal not only separated, but also divorced them secretly!

The singer has now published the separation statement on Twitter: “Kim Wilde and Hal Fowler would like to announce that they separated and divorced amicably last year.” The divorced people also emphasized: “There is no third party involved. They are still in good agreement and wish each other only the best for the next phase of life.” They will not give any further explanations.

The fans of the 80s star are shocked. In the comments under their tweet, many users express their unbelief: “How should I believe in love now?” wailed a user. “I can’t believe it. Stay strong!” emphasized another.