The wild Kim Wilde loved the whole world, her heart belonged to this man for 25 years! The star reports the crash of marriage and adds shocking detail

Who could forget about the brilliant star of the 1980s, the famous blonde Kim Wilde (62)?
She entered the music scene with her first single in 1981 – Kids in America. The stage star who has hits like “Chequered Love” (1981), “You Came” (1988) or “Never Trust and Stranger” lived for many years in a happy marriage. The story of love with acting colleague Hal Fowler, was like a romantic film. He seduced her in the 1990s, when they played together in the musical Tommy.

The couple fell in love with each other while working on a rock musical, six months after getting acquainted, in 1996, they said “yes”. In 1998, Wilde gave birth to her son Harry, in 2000 she became the mother of her daughter Rose. The famous singer later retreated into the background and enjoyed family life without scandals. The shock came right now, in the period before Christmas. Their marriage is over and that’s not all… The singer revealed another shocking detail.

A blond star on the social network has published a break-up statement: “Kim Wilde and Hal Fowler wish to announce that they amicably separated by agreement last year and have divorced.” Subsequently, “No third party is involved. They remain on good terms and wish only the best for each other in the next phases of their lives.” They have not provided other explanations. The singer has not only had a long-term marriage, but has already managed divorce.

During her greatest glory, Kim Wilde also appeared in several films, and she also played an episode role in the Knight Rider (1982-1986).