Articles 2023

11 December 2023 Kim Wilde’s Christmas: Winter is my time of year and I adore snow Irish Times (Ireland)
26 November 2023 Kim Wilde, the pop odyssey Femina (Switzerland)
22 November 2023 Kim Wilde to Halmstad this summer Hallandsposten (Sweden)
13 November 2023 When world star Kim Wilde saves an interview in Höxter Westfalen-Blatt (Germany)
29 July 2023 Kim Wilde says Congress UFO story matches her sighting in Hertfordshire website (UK)
16 July 2023 Kim Wilde flees from the stage for a thunderstorm Bild (Germany)
22 February 2023 Kim Wilde has revealed that she is divorced. What does an 80s sex bomb look like today? Interia Muzyka (Poland)
13 January 2023 Divorce after 25 years Se og hør extra (Norway)
12 January 2023 Divorce – after 25 years Veckans NU! (Sweden)