Kim Wilde flees from the stage for a thunderstorm

One of Kim Wilde’s (62) biggest hits is called “Rain On”. On Saturday evening she would have wished that the rain would finally stop: the rock star had to flee the stage in Leonberg west of Stuttgart because of a heavy thunderstorm. 

It happened on the third day of the Leonpalooza summer festival in Leonberg. Nena and “The Hooters” had already performed the two previous nights. Singer and “The Voice of Germany” winner Andreas Kümmert (36) opened the Kim Wilde evening. 

Kim Wilde, who became world famous in the 80s with the song “Kids In America”, among other things, rocked in a skin-tight black outfit on the open-air stage at the Stadthalle. But already at the beginning of their concert, dark clouds gathered. 

In her song “Rain On” it says: “It really doesn’t matter if the sky’s looking grey, let it pour.” But in this case, the rock legend didn’t really care that much after all… 

Lightning cracked in the sky, thunder rumbled in the distance. After an hour it rained so heavily that the concert was interrupted. The fans fled from the thunderstorm to the neighboring town hall. 

45 minutes later, one of the organizers stood in front of the audience and said: “Unfortunately, I have the unpleasant news that the concert can no longer be continued.” 

According to the organizer, a big problem was “that various technical equipment got wet and that is not so easy to fix.” In addition, thunderclouds continued to rumble in the sky. 

At the end, the organizer made a promise to the fans in the Stadthalle: Should Kim Wilde come to the “Leonpalooza” again next year, the tickets will remain valid.