Kim Wilde says Congress UFO story matches her sighting in Hertfordshire

Pop star Kim Wilde claims accounts given to US Congress about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) tally with her own experience. Wilde said she saw a “bright light” in the sky above her Hertfordshire garden in 2009.

On Wednesday, three witnesses reported to a US government panel about encounters with mysterious objects. Wilde said the statements from “gold-plated military personnel” vindicated her experience as a “local UFO Queen”.

“These are like the top elite military personnel, they have been there for decades”, she told Andy Collins on BBC Three Counties Radio. So it wasn’t just an ’80s pop star who may or may not have been on the Pinot Grigio in her garden.”

She said her close encounter happened late one evening in June 2009 after spending hours in a hospital emergency department with her son. Sitting in her garden with a friend, she said she noticed “this extremely bright light, behind light cloud. I’m a great moon watcher, and it definitely wasn’t the moon”.

She said she then saw the light make “this incredible move, a zigzag move across the sky – from say 11 o’clock to 2 o’clock, then back to 11 o’clock,” she continued. Wilde said she did not just see the light, but felt a presence. “I had a sense that whatever was there were very large,” she said. “I had a sense of momentum for some reason. That went on for a few minutes and then it just completely disappeared.”

Wilde was speaking after a landmark panel on unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAPs), known more colloquially as UFOs, took place at the US House of Representatives. Former navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves told the panel his squadron repeatedly encountered mysterious flying objects which would “accelerate to supersonic speeds.” He added: “They would do so in very erratic and quick behaviours that I don’t have an explanation for.”

Wilde said that matches her own sighting: “I’ve observed that, that’s what happened in my garden. It happened silently and within a split second was right across the sky and then back again. And that happened for several minutes.”

She was so struck by the experience that her 2018 album was titled Here Come the Aliens. Wilde says that friends and relatives texted her about the Congress panel, telling her: “You were right, Kim, you were right!”

She admits it “could have been an incredibly hi tech, highly advanced Drone from somewhere. But why put it over my garden?”

She believes we will see more evidence of extra-terrestrial life. “I’m convinced in my lifetime that there will be some phenomenal disclosure especially information from Mars. Hold on to your seats, everyone!”