Breakin' away

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On September 25, 1995, 'Breakin' away' was released. It was the first single from Kim's ill-fated 1995 album 'Now & forever'. It was an uptempo track, with a more dance and r&b-oriented feel. Kim and some of her friends were rollerblading in the accompanying music video directed by Greg Masuak. As it turned out, the new sound of Kim Wilde confused fans and a lot of them were not impressed by this first single. As a result, it only reached number 43 in the UK singles chart and number 79 in Germany.

Kim remained positive. In an interview a few months later in the Dutch newspaper Primeur, she commented: 'I think it contains a really good message: it's about someone who disconnects from the past and their own limits. It is about me in a way, because with this album in a different style I disconnect from the past as well. On top of that, it's a really great song, full of energy.'