Can't get enough (of your love)

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Today in 1990, Kim Wilde released her single 'Can't get enough (of your love)'. The single was actually released a few weeks earlier in France around the same time as the German release of 'It's here'. However, 'Can't get enough' was released in Germany and several other countries in July 1990, and so it has been the one that Wilde Life always refers to.

The song sounds a lot like the 1988 hit single 'Never trust a stranger' and was actually written by the same people too: Kim and Ricky Wilde. Kim said about the song: '[It's] about pure energy really. There is a reality to 'Can't get enough' but it's not very seriously.'

The video for this single was made on a revolving platform, and required Kim and her band mates to do the 'music-go-round' several times while the cameras were rolling.

The single was a minor hit in Germany, reaching number 58 during a five week chart run.