Cover Friday: Chekov & Gagarin

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Kim Wilde has released many songs during her career. Some of them have been covered by other artists. On Cover Friday, Wilde Life presents cover versions of Kim Wilde songs. This week: Chekov & Gagarin.

Swiss DJ's Michael Hackl and Christian Imfeld started working together as Chekov & Gagarin at the start of century. They released their debut album 'Patchwork Electronique' in 2004, which contained a version of Kim Wilde's 1982 hit single 'View from a bridge'. It was very different from the version by Ken which we wrote about a few weeks ago. It sounds a bit bewildering, partly because of the strange pronunciation of the word 'View', partly because of the almost robotic dance beats.

On their website you can download all three versions of their cover of 'Cambodia', plus the music video. And you'll have to admit, it's quite a scary bit of film...

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